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Self portrait 2017

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Photography is the big lie that tells the truth. A moment caught. Never to be caught again. Worts and all. Worts be gone. Just ones and zeros. Ones and zeros... In search of the original that has been imitated. The Archetype.


PEOPLE- A mix of images from my


Shot at various events.

BEAUTY and the BEAST- A mix of images of performance artists and Halloween parties. 

JUMPING- I pay homage to Philippe Halsman, who starting in the early 1950s he asked every famous or important person he photographed to jump for him.  

THE SCREAM- Its the ice breaker. Sometimes I ask people to scream to help break the tension. Works every time. 

WEDDINGS- A selection of images from three weddings.

NUDES- A selection of nude photography from 1980s to present


Art and Sculpture photography services.

Done in house or on location. All images taken with Canon 5Dsr 50 Mega pixel camera.

Color correction done with client on calibrated monitor.

Images rendered to clients specifications.

Contact us for pricing 



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